Air Dryers
Air Dryers


Introduction :
The presence of oil, moisture and dust particles in compressed air is a well known fact for industrial applications. As the technology advanced with inducation of sophisticated modern machineries working on compressed air, the usage of recommended quality class of air as per machines manufacturer or international Standard Organisation (ISO) or Pneurope recommendation has become necessary. The usage of filtered, dry air as per above recommendations results in reduced wear and tear, increased machine uptime, lower rejections, better product quality and above all considerable saving in energy.

Drytech Air Drying Unit-HD series (Heatless) type offers quality class of air desired as per various recommendations for different pneumatic applications. The stationary air drying unit with negligible maintenance, lesser operating cost and longer service life is the right selection for pneumatically operated machines which needs purified compressed air.

Salient Features :
•  Operating on ADSORP principle; Hence prevents entrainment of moisture in the pipe line however     long is may be.
•  The most compact skid mounted unit supplied in READY FOR USE state by connecting compressed     air at inlet and outlet.
•  The stationary working system and requires negligible maintenance.
•  Assured atmospheric dew point equal to (-) 40 deg. C. or (-) 70 deg C as required.
•  Ideal purging as per desiccant manufacturers instruction for regeneration.
•  Lesser pressure drop in total unit.
•  Modified purge silencer causing less noise.
•  Designed for Indian atmospheric condition.
•  Easy for installation and commissioning.

Sequence of Drying Operation.

It is as per following three stages

Prefiltration :
The dust particles, condensed oil and moisture in liquid droplets and aerosol from is per-filtered by set of pre-fine filter combination, The Compressed air with only vapourised from of moisture is permitted to enter the desiccant bed tower.

Drying :
The Saturated Compressed air is dried in desiccant bed tower.

Postfiltration :
The dry compressed air is refiltered in after filter for removal of residual fine particles if any.
Heatless Air Dryers
Heatless Air Dryers
Mini Dryer
Mini Dryer

Operation :

The complete ADU operates in following three modes.

Drying Mode :
The wet saturated compressed air coming from set of pre filters is led through one of the inlet valve (Operated by electronic timer) to the desiccant bed tower. The highly hygroscopic desiccant bed with sufficient air resident time due to proper velocity results in absorbing the moisture vapour and dries the air to desired level of dew point.

Regeneration Mode :
The small amount of dried air at almost atmospheric pressure is led through purge line to the saturated desiccant bed tower. The absorbed moisture in desiccant bed at earlier drying mode is desorbed in purged dry air and regeneration takes place.

Pressurisation Mode :

To avoid the pressure fluctuations at outlet of dryer, the regeneration mode tower is put in for pressurisation before it switches to drying mode. The entire operation is electronic timer controlled and automatic at various modes shown above for proper sequence and timing. The total cycle time is 10 minutes or 4 minutes as per timer selection for required dew point.


Quality of air at outlet :

Application :
To various engineering applications where atmospheric dew point is preferred (-) 40 °C and above.

Location :
After Air Receiver in comp. air system.

Dust :
<5 u

Residual Oil :
upto 0.1 PPM
Moisture :
(-)40 / (-)700C Atm. Dew Point
Range :
upto 2000 SCFM flow
Pressure :
10 Kg / cm2